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IMAGINE… a life where you easily move through the day feeling calm and present, and you regularly feel energized, focused, and motivated…

Former triggers no longer bother you, and stress flows away like water…

You are amazed with how your health and wellbeing continually reaches new levels.

The life you want isn’t just a dream… it’s more than possible to make it your reality!

Are you ready to experience powerful healing breakthroughs?


  • Want to be intentional on your healing path
  • Are committed to naturally healing from grief and trauma
  • Want to feel alive again


Holistic, Trauma-Informed Wellness & Trauma Release Coach

Hello, I’m Leah! I am passionate about supporting people in healing from the pain of grief, loss, trauma, and unbelonging.

If you are ready to release the pain of grief and loss, you’re in the right place.

If you feel like it’s time to move out of the trauma loop and heal from the traumatic experiences that have left you feeling stuck, constricted, and like you don’t belong, keep reading.

If you’ve been feeling your soul nudging you to release the pain, anxiety, and beliefs that are limiting you, I’m so glad we’re connecting.

In 2019, my partner suddenly passed away, leaving me feeling devastated, lost, and empty, severely impacting my body, mind, and soul. As I learned the language of grieving and tended to the pain, I discovered profoundly effective healing modalities and gained clarity on my life calling as a healer. Now that I have crossed the oceans of grief, survived its waves, and emerged with a healed heart, I am honored to guide others on their own healing path.

I am also an artist and found creative expression to be a powerful asset and crucial to my healing process. See some of my artwork here.

In addition to healing from grief, I have healed from many health and wellness challenges: chronic fatigue, severe depression, chronic pain, anxiety, extreme digestive issues and food intolerances, and low self-esteem. My intentional healing journey has given me higher energy levels, increased confidence, deeper layers of self-awareness, the ability to uncover what was keeps us stuck, and a more authentic connection with myself and others. 

While it is likely that you will experience greater happiness and satisfaction as a result of our work, I believe that the experience of happiness is just one of the many experiences life can bring. What I can promise is that you will get to experience life more fully! Imagine living in a world that exists in one tone, one sound, a world without music, harmony, variation. A world in which happiness is the only experience is a monotonal one. Partner with me to gain tools and support in experiencing the full spectrum of life!

I’m looking forward to collaborating with you on your healing path!


I have actively engaged in deepening my practice through courses and trainings including:

  • Internal Family Systems (IFS known as “parts” or “inner child” work)
  • Energy Medicine – Blue Mist Healing Technique
  • Effective Trauma Care
  • Write your Grief
  • Human Hardwiring
  • The Journey Begins/The Journey Continues (recovery and restoration from trauma)
  • Healing the Wounded Heart
  • Landmark’s Curriculum for Living
  • Crucial Conversations
  • Reiki
  • Inner Stillness
  • Various nutrition, breathwork, energy, meditation, and yoga workshops

I have designed and facilitated workshops and courses including:

  • The Art of Grieving
  • Balanced Life Design
  • A Guide to Grieving
  • Unlocking Your Voice Through Movement
  • Nervous System Care
  • Creating your Life’s Vision

I am well-versed in the Blue Mist Healing technique, a powerful and effective form of energy medicine specifically designed to target trauma and disease energy. I will soon be a RYT 200 yoga instructor and have a Bachelor of Science in the Culinary Arts and a Bachelor of Fine Art in Glass and Ceramics.

Are you ready to experience powerful healing? I’m here for you! You don’t have to go through this alone.

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Are you ready to experience powerful healing breakthroughs?