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Your stress levels are high, you are constantly overwhelmed and exhausted, your focus and motivation is lacking, and your health and well-being is declining.


  • Compassionately healing your pain
  • Regularly feeling relaxed and motivated
  • Feeling clear about what you want in life
  • Deepening your inner connection & self-trust
  • Creating the life you DESIRE and DESERVE
  • Confidently & authentically living
  • Experiencing balance and FULFILLMENT
  • Gaining mastery over your gifts


  • Grief and pain so you can recreate your life
  • Stress, overwhelm, and anxiety to give yourself the gift of peace
  • Feeling like you’re not enough… yet too much..
  • Not having time to take care of yourself
  • Feeling disconnected from yourself and your relationships
  • Being frustrated with your lack of progress
  • Feeling stuck and like a failure
  • Wishing for but never reaching your dreams


Holistic, Trauma-Informed Wellness & Trauma Release Coach

Hello, I’m Leah! I am passionate about supporting people in healing from the pain of grief, loss, trauma, and unbelonging.

In 2019, my partner suddenly passed away, leaving me feeling devastated, lost, and empty. The loss severely impacted my body, mind, and soul, and I immediately began the arduous journey toward healing using tools I had previously acquired. As I learned the language of grieving and gained new insights and skills to navigate my pain, my connection to myself deepened. Now that I have crossed the oceans of grief, survived its waves, and come out on the other side, I can say with certainty that consistent integration of mindset, nutrition, movement, and self-care really works. These experiences and others have given me a unique drive and passion to support others on their journey toward healing and achieving optimal health and wellness.

I am also an artist and found creative expression to be a powerful asset and crucial to my healing process. See some of my artwork here.

In addition to healing from grief, I have healed from many health and wellness challenges: When I was just sixteen years old, I had extreme digestive issues, and fatigue, developed severe food allergies, and experienced extreme pain and bloating every time I ate. After eating, I often looked like I was 4 months pregnant! My mom (bless her) took me to countless doctors and specialists to seek out a diagnosis and treatment to no avail. I kid you not, the binder that contains all my test results is about 5 inches thick! I spent years working to solve what was going on, including researching and learning about nutrition and how it supports health. Over time, with discipline and dedication alongside the care of two brilliant functional medicine doctors, I was able to heal my digestive system and regain my energy.

As a result of this discouraging process and other unaddressed trauma, I was diagnosed with severe depression. In my early twenties, I had already gained momentum and discipline in healing my body so I was determined to learn how to care for and heal my mind. Through therapy, workshops, classes, research, and reflection, I was able to overcome the diagnosis and chose to redefine myself as a deep feeler, deep thinker. Once I learned about “high sensitivity”, everything made sense: while I may feel life’s lows more deeply, I experience the joys of life at an intense level. Equipping myself with tools to support my wellness has resulted in increased confidence, a higher level of self-awareness, the ability to uncover what keeps us “stuck” and a deepened connection to myself and others. 

While it is likely that you will experience greater happiness and satisfaction as a result of our work, I believe that the experience of happiness is just one of the many experiences life can bring. What I can promise is that you will get to experience life more fully! Imagine living in a world that exists in one tone, one sound, a world without music, harmony, variation. A monotonal world is how I imagine a world in which happiness is the only experience. Partner with me to gain tools and support in experiencing the full spectrum of life!

I’m looking forward to collaborating with you on your healing path!


I have actively engaged in deepening my practice through courses and trainings including:

  • Internal Family Systems (IFS known as “parts” or “inner child” work)
  • Effective Trauma Care
  • Write your Grief
  • Energy Medicine – Blue Mist Healing Technique
  • Human Hardwiring
  • The Journey Begins/The Journey Continues (recovery and restoration from trauma)
  • Healing the Wounded Heart
  • Landmark’s Curriculum for Living
  • Crucial Conversations
  • Reiki
  • Inner Stillness
  • Various nutrition, breathwork, energy, meditation, and yoga workshops

I have designed and facilitated workshops and classes including:

  • A Guide to Grieving
  • Unlocking Your Voice Through Movement
  • Creating your Life’s Vision

I am well-versed in the Blue Mist Healing technique, a powerful and effective form of energy medicine specifically designed to target trauma and disease energy. I will soon be a RYT 200 yoga instructor and have a Bachelor of Science in the Culinary Arts and a Bachelor of Fine Art in Glass and Ceramics.


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