Balanced Life Design

Join my 90 day holistic lifestyle blueprint for Highly Sensitives (HSP), Intuitives, and Empaths! Learn to deepen your inner connection, release stress and anxiety, clearly communicate boundaries with compassion, and master your gifts so you can create an authentic, balanced life you love!


  • Compassionately healing your pain
  • Regularly accessing calm
  • Feeling clear about what you want in life
  • Deepening your inner connection & self-trust
  • Creating the life you DESIRE and DESERVE
  • Confidently & authentically living
  • Experiencing balance and FREEDOM
  • Gaining mastery over your gifts


  • Stress, overwhelm, and anxiety to give yourself the gift of peace
  • Feeling like you’re not enough… yet too much..
  • Not having time to take care of yourself
  • Feeling disconnected from yourself and your relationships
  • Being frustrated with your lack of progress
  • Feeling stuck
  • Wishing for but never reaching your dreams


Here’s how some Highly Sensitives (HSP), Intuitives, and Empaths look for solutions:

  • They get online to scroll through ‘self-help’ content, hoping the words they read on the screen will magically transform their lives.
  • But all they feel is anxiety and overwhelm when they see the long list of ‘DO this… DON’T do that!”
  • Sometimes they work up the motivation to start creating the changes they want to see in life…
  • Sadly, their lack of consistency and accountability shows up soon after- so, more often than not, they stop before they reach their goals, reinforcing their belief of being a failure and never being enough.
  • Once in a while, they get a glimpse of what it feels like to feel free, clear, and authentic… but then a lack of boundaries in their personal lives, relationships, and/or career prevents them from consistently what they KNOW will help them create their dream life.
  • …they just keep getting stuck in the same cycle and can’t seem to move out of it.

Eventually, they give up. I don’t blame them! Feeling stuck sucks. While these gifts can be a powerful asset, not knowing where to start can be overwhelming…

But it DOES NOT have to be this way!

Holistic, Trauma-Informed Wellness & Communication Coach


Hi! I’m Leah, and I founded Elements Wellness Coaching. I know how it feels to be overwhelmed with the experience of being Highly Sensitive, Intuitive, and Empathic – at one point I was struggling to make it through my day: no energy, low confidence, non-existent self-care, yet would always muster up energy to help someone else when they called.

After a decade of struggling with undiagnosed digestive issues, chronic fatigue, depression, ADHD, and more, I turned to natural remedies including nutrition, therapy, life coaching, energy medicine, supplementation, workshops, research, and reflection to learn how to heal my body and mind and overcome what was stopping me from fully experiencing life.

I was fairly successful in my corporate job but I quickly learned a hard lesson: you can have all the professional success in the world… but unless you know how to create clear boundaries with yourself and others, learn how to self-regulate, cultivate a healthy mindset around self-worth and communication, and process and heal from trauma, it’s not possible to have the life you dream of and deserve.

So I set off on a mission to learn everything I could about being Highly Sensitive, Intuitive, and Empathic in an effort to get to a place where I was finally thriving

In my search to master my gifts, I experienced an increase in my energy and focus, a higher level of self-awareness, authentic self-expression, and a deepened connection to myself and others. I learned to generate a solid foundation of calm and confidence while communicating healthy boundaries with ease… And everyone started asking how they could replicate the same results in THEIR lives too.

I am living proof that consistent integration of energy medicine, healthy communication, compassionate mindset practices, and nervous system regulation really works. These experiences and others have given me a unique drive and passion to support other Highly Sensitive, Intuitive, and Empathic folks on their journey toward optimal health and wellness.

I designed a program to teach my signature methodology that has allowed me to help clients deepen their inner connection, access their gifts, release stress and anxiety, and learn how to clearly communicate boundaries with compassion so they can create an authentic, balanced life of freedom. That is how “Balanced Life Design” was born!


I have found that my system works best for these three groups of people: 

  1. Ambitious Highly Sensitive People, Intuitives, and Empaths who are ready to dive in and do what it takes to transform their sensitivity into a superpower.
  1. HSPs, Intuitives, and Empaths who have already begun their healing journey but are noticing their lack of boundaries, self-care, and communication skills is negatively impacting their quality of life and are ready to change their mindset to become more powerful in life.
  1. HSPs, Intuitives, and Empaths who are ready to live a life of FREEDOM and AUTHENTICITY, not one that society says they “should” be living.


  • You will learn proven systems & structure to accomplish your goals every single week.
  • You will create your own daily empowerment routine.
  • I support you with LIVE interactions 1x a week, as well as unlimited text support M-F.
  • 100% results-driven – you get lifetime access to the material AND support.
  • I’ll teach you how to develop your communication skills & mindset to become more consistent, confident and free to be yourself.
  • I’ve helped others like you in creating a life of confidence, freedom, and clarity.
  • I care deeply for your inner fulfillment, purpose, and holistic transformation.


When you sign up to work with me, we’ll start off with a one-on-one phone call to talk about your goals and lifestyle. From there, we will develop a customized plan to move you through the following steps:

PILLAR 1: Vision your Future

You will create a detailed vision for your future self and life. You will understand the steps necessary to grow more confident, communicate compassionately, and gain clarity on what to do to be resourced, balanced, and energetic so you can contribute to others in your life. We will also get clear on habits that are negatively impacting your life.

PILLAR 2: Nervous System Regulation

Getting into a space of calm and groundedness is absolutely necessary to be able to receive and integrate new information. You will learn various nutrition, breathwork, movement, mindset practices, and tools to support nervous system regulation, with the intention of finding what works optimally for you. We will use that information to create a customized daily ritual that will create balance in your nervous system, releasing stress and anxiety while elevating your mood and focus.

PILLAR 3: Your Communication Style

You will learn about different communication styles and discover your own ‘default’ communication style. Awareness of how you communicate is the first step in creating healthier communication that generates confidence, clarity, and deep connection. We will have opportunities for role play so you can practice your new skills in a safe, supportive container.

PILLAR 4: Compassionate Boundaries 

In this step you will gain confidence and clarity around communicating boundaries. You will gain trust in yourself as you incorporate compassionate methods to release old beliefs, and move into greater levels of self-assurance as you create empowering perspectives around the boundaries that will support the life you are creating inside of this program.

PILLAR 5: Implementation and Rest

As you transform into a more powerful and confident being, you will notice a ripple effect filtering out into your life, impacting everything including your work, relationships, and self-care. You will experience new levels of peace and clarity as you welcome these changes. You will notice your energy levels increase as you discover my potent formula for REST.


“Before I found out about Leah, I was not in my darkest place, but definitely close to that. I was in a spot where it was hard for me to move forward and make progress with my anxiety and depression. I was not doing my schoolwork, I wasn’t able to leave my house often due to anxiety, and I was unable to hold a job at the time because I was so anxious and would have panic attacks constantly. It was reaching a point where it affected how people saw me and viewed me. 

I decided to finally sign up because I realized that it was up to me to get the help and resources I needed to be able to make progress in life and be able to move forward and not be stuck in such an anxious loop. I finally reached that point and just decided “Ya know, it’s finally time. I need to make some choices for myself.” My biggest win was the fact that I was able to finish school and graduate with honors and now I’m applying for jobs. 

For anyone thinking about working with Leah, just do it because it will be the greatest decision you’ve ever made. It was definitely the best decision I ever made for myself.” 


“I want to begin with saying that Leah is a genuinely good, kind hearted person. 

During the time I had with Leah, she helped me greatly with working on overcoming my anxiety, fear, and nervousness. We did some exercises together. The way she took me through all the breathing and other posture exercises to gain more confidence was really amazing. 

She helped me feel better about myself. She was also very comforting. I cannot say enough about how helpful and encouraging Leah was! Thank you Leah!!”



Balanced Life Design is a 90-day, high touch coaching program that gives you 1-on-1 support to help you achieve your specific goals in a way that works with your busy schedule!

You will receive:

  • 12 weeks of detailed curriculum
  • 12 weekly Breakthrough Sessions with me
  • Weekly training videos
  • unlimited text support


Are you ready to feel more authentic, focused, connected, and at peace? 

Submit your application today so we can see if Balanced Life Design is the next best step for you on your healing journey. During the application process, you will receive more information on my 90-day empowerment program, Balanced Life Design, that will help you build resilience, confidence, and freedom. We will also explore your experience as an HSP, Intuitive, and/or Empath and your goals for healing. 

Invite peace and alignment into your life today by getting started and submit your application!

Are you ready to experience freedom, inner peace, and clarity so you can have a more meaningful experience of life?

Submit an application to work with me today!

During the application process, we will:

-explore your life vision and goals

-share your desires and specific needs

-determine if working together is a good fit to meet your goals