Boundaries for a Spacious Life

1-hr virtual workshop

Do you feel like you can’t really be yourself, like you’re “too much” or ”not enough”?

Do you pretend everything is FINE, while inside you feel like something is missing?

Is it hard to say what you want, or ask for what you really need?

Do you try to manage situations so they remain peaceful?

When you leave most conversations, do you often feel depleted?

Do you believe if people knew the “real” you, they wouldn’t like you?

Is it difficult for you to say “no”?

In challenging situations, maybe you have tried

▪️responding with smiles or laughing, when inside you were dying…

▪️wishing you could have said something but didn’t feel like you could…

▪️not saying anything because you are afraid of the other person’s response…

▪️“softening things” to keep the peace…

▪️overcompensating by being extra nice and accommodating at your own expense…

▪️saying yes when you really wished you could say no…

This lack of boundaries can show up everywhere: in romantic relationships, with friends, at work, and in family conversations.

Unhealthy boundaries leave us feeling drained, depleted, and unfulfilled. When we edit ourselves to “keep the peace”, it’s at the cost of our own peace.

Consider this: when we mute ourselves, we are preventing the world from experiencing the full spectrum of who we are.

Creating and communicating healthy boundaries is something we can choose to learn in order to support ourselves in being fully self-expressed.

In this workshop, we will explore:

  • What can prevent us from creating boundaries
  • Practical ways to express boundaries

Learning to express boundaries is key to experiencing and enjoying an authentic life. It takes intention and practice, something we can begin exploring inside of this workshop.

*This workshop is pre-recorded, so you can experience it when it works for your schedule!

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