This is your grief:

Your heart feels like the charred remains of forest after a wildfire.
You are drowning in oceans of grief.
The winds of loneliness are howling around you.
Your rage about the lack of competent support feels like a blazing inferno.
The fogginess of depression weighs you down and makes it hard to focus.
Your memory is like the rain: absent in some moments and a downpour at other times.
You’re feeling stuck in muddy waters and don’t know how to release yourself.
The icy fear and dread of the unknown life ahead is overwhelming.
You’re lost in a harsh landscape completely unfamiliar to you.

Your loved one has died and you’re afraid you’ll feel this devastated forever. Life is happening around you but you don’t feel like you fit in it anymore. All you want to do is pick up the phone to tell them how you feel… and you’re haunted by knowing that’s not possible anymore. You’re isolated, and no one gets it- friends and family either try to fix you and cheer you up, or have distanced themselves. You’re tired of feeling stuck and like your life is shattered. You’re still alive but life feels empty and meaningless now because you can’t imagine living without them. While you’re going to work and taking care of basic needs, you no longer feel motivated or connected to your vitality. You’re ready to release the fear, guilt, and hopelessness so that you can plant new seeds in the life that waits for you.

In our work together, I won’t try to fix you or cheer you up- but you will get effective coping skills while you learn to truly heal as quickly as possible.

You won’t hear me say the lame things you may have been told like, “they wouldn’t want you to feel this way” or “you need to be strong,” but I will companion you through the intensity of feelings. Together, we will navigate the landscape of your pain, clear the flames of your deepest rage, and cross the seas filled with your sorrow.

I understand the tenderness of your situation and am able to hold space for the darkest nights of your soul, and will also do everything in my power to help you recreate your connection to this life.

You will leave your first session feeling more relieved and grounded because of my mastery in the healing arts and ability to precisely tend to your pain. Using my refined methodology, we will work together to help you connect with your inner healing wisdom, integrate your loved one into your life in new ways, and discover profound methods to nourish yourself while you heal so you can access a new sense of vitality.

Grief can feel like the devastation of a burned-out forest. I’m here to help you clear the debris, plant a new landscape, and water the seeds of life as you heal.

I work best with people who believe in all the possibilities of healing so I can take them there. We will explore energy medicine, creative expression, compassionate mindset techniques, and in-depth self-care practices. Although it may feel like your inner flame has been lost, know that it has only been dimmed and there is a brighter life on the other side of this.

If you’re craving new levels of aliveness and are open to experiencing the support of the healing arts, schedule your free 20-minute consultation today!

Are you ready to experience powerful healing breakthroughs?