Watch this to learn how you can begin rebuilding yourself and your relationships after loss!

The Power of Personal Connection

Embarking on a journey of self-discovery and transformation is a courageous step toward rebuilding yourself and your life.

Inside of Path to Peace, you will connect with a community of like-hearted souls as we work to energetically release your pain and creatively transmute your grief.

Each group healing session is tailored to meet you where you are and to help illuminate the way forward to profoundly reconnect with yourself and your loved ones as you learn to live again.

Your Path to Peace

You've unearthed your hope but aren’t sure what to do next.

You're determined to feel alive again.

It feels like it's time to move beyond coping, to rebuild, and you are ready to do what it takes.

Your hope is adding fuel to your desire to recreate your life and you’re ready for the new you. 

You’re calling in even more: healing, energy, motivation, consciously-connected relationships.

Let me support you in moving forward through my holistic healing program Path to Peace.

You’ll be seen, held, and witnessed on your journey to grief-releasing energetic expansion and nourished with effective methods to support you in healing and rebuilding yourself and your life.

The Power of Hope

Your hope is like a small sprout peeking out of the Earth,

the soft flame that is coming back to full strength.

It's the warm whisper of a Spring breeze on your face after winter,

a rainbow in the mist after a stormy night.

Your heart is coming alive again.

What clients are saying about Path to Peace!

"I feel calmer and more energized, my sleep improved, my eyes are again seeing colors, and my senses have awakened again. From sadness and lifelessness, I now feel gratitude for my beautiful love story. My life completely changed! I got myself back and this is priceless." -Mayra

"I feel empowered by these strategies to handle my grief better on a day to day basis. I was surprised by the tenderness and closeness experienced in the grief sessions and walked away feeling like my pain was seen by others and I saw theirs." - Lee

“5 years of therapy didn’t even tap into half of what we released today.” -Melany

This program works! I came out of this program as a sane person, and I feel good! It is incredible because I tried many other things, but they never had the same effect as this program. This didn’t only help me heal from grief but is helping me live again." -Anita

"I feel calmer, more authentic, and can let go of the pain. I'm embracing grief as a new way to look at love and can honor my loved ones by living with intention, authenticity, and finding joy, even in the face of hard moments. I see life differently now!" - Melany

“It’s so supportive to have you by my side as I am still learning to live in this new reality.” -Matt

I’m not crying every day anymore and my sciatic pain is gone.” -Chandra

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