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If you desire to compress your timeline on your healing journey, I recommend my signature program, Balanced Life Design. It is a transformational 12 week holistic lifestyle blueprint designed with a holistic approach to communication including nervous system regulation, communication skills, and boundary creation and maintenance. This program includes (12) 1-hour Breakthrough Sessions. You can learn more here!

Join my 90 day holistic lifestyle blueprint for Highly Sensitive People (HSP), Intuitives, and Empaths! Learn to deepen your inner connection, release stress and anxiety, and clearly communicate boundaries with compassion, so you create a life of freedom, balance, and authenticity!

*includes (12) 1-hour Breakthrough Sessions

I use trauma-informed methods that are extremely effective in helping you uncover the root cause of your issues, getting free from what has been keeping you stuck, and supportive for releasing and healing trauma.
4 week course on nervous system regulation to reduce stress and anxiety while creating more calm and focus in life!

*includes (4) 1-hour Breakthrough Sessions

Are you ready to experience freedom, inner peace, and clarity so you can have a more meaningful experience of life?

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