✅ Regulate is a 4 week empowerment program on nervous system regulation

Learning how how to effectively regulate and strengthen your nervous system to reduce stress and anxiety while creating more calm and focus in your life!

This program is perfect for when you are ready to:

👉give up panic attacks, anxiety attacks, depression, chronic stress

👉receive more calm, inner peace, clarity, focus, and energy

👉gain clarity on how to consistently heal and support a healthy nervous system

In the program you’ll learn tools and techniques to regulate your specific nervous system as well as receive weekly training videos and assignments to enhance your learning. 

💥 You’ll also get (4) 1-hour coaching sessions with me where I help you uncover the root cause of what has been keeping you stuck and support you in releasing and healing trauma, which often prevents us from moving forward. 

To support you in experiencing clarity, healing, freedom, and balance in your life, I use a variety of effective, trauma-informed modalities including:

  • Internal Family Systems (IFS, also known Parts or Inner Child Work)
  • energy medicine
  • powerful mindset shifts
  • nervous system regulation techniques
  • nutrition
  • mindful self-expression
  • compassionate communication

✅ Other benefits of consistent nervous system regulation include:

🌿More energy 

🌿Increased focus

🌿Stronger immune system

🌿Better sleep and digestion

Program includes:

  • (4) 1-on-1 calls with me
  • Unlimited text and email support
  • 4 weeks of detailed curriculum
  • Weekly training videos
  • Assignments to enhance your learning

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Are you ready to experience freedom, inner peace, and clarity so you can have a more meaningful experience of life?

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