It’s super important to learn how to grieve in a healthy way, so you can start releasing your pain and caring for the wounds this great loss has caused. 

But learning how to grieve is just the first step. Once you get past this, it’s crucial to start healing from this loss, otherwise you’ll get stuck in your grief for a very long time.

Please know that healing and moving forward doesn’t mean forgetting them: there are ways to honor their memory while you heal!

It’s important to have a plan of action to move forward while you keep their memory close to your heart. 

That’s something I wish I had when my partner died- I didn’t have a path, I had no idea what specific steps I could take in order to move into a place where I healed and recreated my life. So, I went on a journey of healing to find what really works, and am SO grateful to have come out on the other side. 

Not only have I healed a broken heart and shattered soul from the death of my partner, I’ve also created a totally new life: I’m healthier, and more well and fulfilled than I’ve ever been, I now live in a beautiful place doing what I love. I’ve even fallen in love and am creating a fun, connected, and fulfilling relationship.

 …and I did this without having to erase my late partner’s memory. 

And… I have since helped many others heal from their own grief. Through this experience I’ve discovered a unique system to help other grievers heal from the death of their loved one. 

Along with that…

I and my clients who have implemented this system have been able to:

-release and heal from the pain…

-create special ways to hold their loved one close while they healed… 

-honor their memory and heal without forgetting them, and…

-break free from monotonous negative cycles so they can live a healthier, happier, more fulfilled life.  

And the reason I tell you all this is so you know that I’m someone who knows what you’re struggling with and who’s gone through the same thing…

And someone who helps grievers like you learn how to heal.

With that being said…

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Yours in healing,

Leah Waldo