What does “Highly Sensitive” mean? 

You may be wondering what I’m talking about when I refer to Highly Sensitive People, or HSPs. According to recent studies, about 30% of people are thought to be highly sensitive. 

I am one of them.

It’s neither bad nor good, it just means that my bandwidth of experience is greater than most. Therefore, loud sounds are really loud, strong smells are really strong, intense emotions are really intense. The other side of the scale is also true: bliss is even more blissful, beauty is even more breathtaking, relationships have the potential to be even deeper. 

After more than 20 years of academic research, evidence has shown that sensitivity is an established, recognised and empirically verified human trait. 

If you have strong reactions to harsh words, become overwhelmed physically and emotionally, and have a rich inner world, you may be HSP. You may also notice you have a higher capacity for empathy and are sensitive to others’ moods, emotions, and experience. 

HSPs typically are: 

● easily overwhelmed by loud sounds, bright lights, strong smells, and rough fabrics.

● get stressed out when they have to do things in a short amount of time. 

● avoid violence in movies, tv shows, books, etc. 

● tend to withdraw during or after busy days to ‘take a break’ from the situation

● try to arrange their life to avoid upsetting or overwhelming situations 

● often notice and enjoy scents, tastes, sounds, and visual beauty 

● have a rich and complex inner world 

● as a child, were often referred to as “sensitive” or “shy” 

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