Are you aching for a juicy life?

One where you feel fulfilled, at peace, and deeply connected in your relationship?

Maybe you…

have been breaking glass ceilings in your career, yet success is never enough.

feel lazy when you are resting, aka you were conditioned to believe rest isn’t “productive”.

do everything you can to take care of everyone around you, but you forget to include yourself in that…

Your success defines you… though you wish it didn’t. 

Do you push yourself through fatigue because you haven’t done everything on your (neverending) to-do list yet?

You may be afraid you will never be enough.

Overwhelmed and exhausted, you keep striving for success. When you achieve a goal you briefly feel better about yourself, but the anxious drive comes back soon enough. You might regularly exceed expectations at work, giving so much that you don’t have energy or time to move forward in your personal life. Maybe you have already achieved more than what you thought would make you happy, yet you still don’t have enough time, enough money, enough love… You’re exhausted from burning the candle at both ends, but your drive for more keeps you going. You give until it hurts and feel hurt, resentful, or angry when you don’t get love and appreciation back. 

People think you have it all but you feel like something is missing. 

You wish you weren’t so stressed and anxious… but you do know the doom scrolling, having a drink each evening, material distractions, and working for the weekend isn’t working for you.

Every day is like a blur and it’s hard for you to know how you feel… Sound familiar?

IMAGINE what life will be like when you have deeper connections and love in your relationship, less stress, more self-compassion, increased clarity, greater confidence, not to mention the community you will be connected to…

Whenever a life challenge or growth opportunity presents itself, you’ll be able to show up with a newfound sense of confidence, presence, and profound love. By becoming even more calm and grounded, you will feel even more focused and more productive. You’ll become more confident and able to show up in all the ways you want to with your significant other, family, and friends.

In our work together, you’ll feel seen, felt for, and held with compassion and tenderness. I understand the tenderness of your pain, and the impact of a live unlived.

In this safe space, you’ll release pain and trauma from the past so you can experience more presence, connection, and fun in the present as well as in your future!

I am able to hold space for the darkest nights of your soul, the flames of your rage, and other big emotions you may feel, and will do everything in my power to help you feel better as soon as possible.

In Embodied Love, you will get all the elements to compress your healing timeline and create the juicy life you have been aching for, including methods for greater emotional wellbeing and self-compassion, stress-release techniques, and relationship skills.

Are you ready to experience powerful healing breakthroughs?